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Poodle Questions and Answers


No matter how you prepare, all throughout your Poodle's life, you will undoubtedly have questions about care, behavior, grooming, training, and more. Sometimes, it will be for an issue that you've never dealt with before, even if you've had lots of other dogs.

This section is dedicated to a round-up of some of the more common questions that come in regarding the Poodle breed, where you can then go on to read about these in more detail. 

Behavior Related Questions

What can I do about my Poodle chewing at his paws? This is a rather common issue with this breed. A Poodle may work on one paw or both, he may chew all over to concentrate on one particular spot. In most cases if this continues, the paws will become very irritated and raw. In time, there can be cracked skin and even bleeding. 

Why is my Poodle acting clingy? While we all want our dogs to be close to us and have there be that 'best friend' bond, it can be troubling if a Poodle behaves as if they simply must be by our side at all times. A look into this and steps to help your Poodle gain self-confidence. 

What stops a Poodle from eating poop? It can be very troubling indeed when you see that your Poodle has been ingesting either his own feces or that of another dog (or even from a cat). This article separates myth from fact, with advice to stop this sort of behavior. 

Why is my Poodle acting moody? We can't expect our dogs to always be perfectly happy; after all, they are capable of having a range of emotions just like we can. However, if a dog suddenly becomes moody for no apparent reason, it is wise to assess what may be happening. 

Why is my Poodle shaking? - If your Poodle has episodes of shivering or trembling, there can be a number of reasons. Fortunately most of the causes do have quick fixes. 

Sleep Related Questions

How do I stop my Poodle from waking up early? If your Poodle ends up having a different internal clock than you do, this can become very stressful over time. Since getting enough sleep is vital for both humans and dogs, you'll want to address this as soon as possible. 

Is it normal for a Poodle to snore? Though this breed is not one of the typical 'snorers', there are some elements that can cause a puppy or dog to snore, snort or otherwise make noises while sleeping.  Some steps taken at home may resolve this; though a list of red flag symptoms will let you know when a vet exam is warranted.

Grooming Related Questions

What is causing my Poodle to smell bad? It can be frustrating when you put in a lot of effort to make your Poodle look nice and you work hard to keep him clean; yet, still there is an odd odor. These are the top reasons for this, what you can do about this and signs of a deeper issue. 

Health Related Questions

What Causes a Poodle to Have Excessive Gas?  Top reasons why a Poodle will pass gas a lot and what to do to fix this. 

Miscellaneous Questions

Can a Poodle eat nuts?  If you have this sort of food at home or growing in your yard, this information is vital. Some are okay to ingest and others are quite toxic. 

How smart are Poodles? You may have heard that this breed is said to be rather intelligent; however, learn exactly how this was figured out, where he ranks and other methods of rating how intelligent a Poodle can be. 
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