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Poodle Shampoo

Color Enhancing Shampoos for Poodles

Some of the best poodle shampoos are those that are color enhancing shampoos for Poodles.

This is to discuss shampoo, not dyes. Dyes actually change the coat color by covering up the true color. 

Shampoo with certain elements can bring a shaded white to a bright one…and others work on colored hair. Have you ever wondered if you should use this on your Poodle? 

Or have you already done so, but are wondering if you chose the right product and if you applied it correctly?

So, let’s take a look at this subject. We will discuss:
  • What is best for white coats and how does it enhance the color of the Poodle?
  • Is it safe?
  • How does it work?
  • What about colored coats?
  • Is anything else needed?
  • Avoid the biggest No-no possible!
Again, it must be noted that this is to talk about Poodle shampoo for dogs and not any of product that dyes the dog’s coat. Some owners or dog groomers (by the owner’s instructions) will dye a Poodle’s coat for show purposes…And we do not recommend this at all and it can get you disqualified.
Poodle with black hair

With Coats of Color Other Than White

Black Poodle dogs can begin to have a dull coat after a while and in other cases, the color may seem darker in some spots and graying in others. Hair on a dog that is damaged can tend to have a red/ brown tint to it. The best shampoo for Poodles in any of these cases will be one that (surprise) actually uses a green pigment. 

Adding the green hue will help make the black darker.

The best shampoo for Poodles of color will deposit various tints that reflect various color spectrums, which offer different effects, depending on the Poodle and his/her coat. 
Those dogs with gold and red will be enhanced by a green or a red tint.

All colors are also enhanced by elements that give tons of shine, and this causes the colors to seem to “pop”. These reflective ingredients seem to have the best results are seen with black Poodles.

Normally, it is recommended that dogs are shampoo'd with canine shampoo and there is a good reason for this. Human products with different Ph levels can be damaging to both coat and skin. However, some human solutions do have the Ph balance that matches the needs of the Poodle; color enhancing shampoos are formulated differently than "general" products and therefore work excellent on this breed. The Kelco and Quantum lines work amazing, it brings out color and leaves the coat healthy. 

*** For All Recommended Products, look to "Grooming-Shampoo" in the Poodle Specialty Shoppe.

With White Coats

The best shampoo for Poodle of white color will do 2 things:
  • Give a deep cleaning first
  • Then deposit brighteners
Some whitening canine shampoos have a bluing ingredient that deposits a bluish/ purple color that can help a white Poodle look whiter. However, this does not often work well unless a deep cleaning is done first. You see, white is the absence of color, so this must be the first step. 
Poodles that are mainly white can often get staining on the coat, paws and chin that tends to look yellowish. Sometimes, it can appear to be graying. To fix this, you need to first remove staining and dirt that is embedded into the dog’s hair cuticles. 

Then, the shampoo needs to put optic enhancers to change the spectrum (blue or purple) and additional brighteners with will then reflect light and cause the coat to shine and sparkle on the dog.

Canine specific products that have dimethicone copoloyol work very well for this. Alternatively, the herbs chamomile or awapuhi, when ingredients in dog shampoo work very nicely also. We personally recommend:
To summarize whitening for Poodles:

1. You need to have the dirt and stains removed that have made their way down to the cuticle. This is what causes the yellowing and/ or graying.

2. A tinting agent of blue or purple will be added to bring out the white

3. Reflective ingredients will increase shine on the canine coat, causing it to appear brighter

*** For All Recommended Products, look to "Grooming-Shampoo- Color" in the Poodle Specialty Shoppe.

Diluting and Time

With many of the best shampoos for Poodles, directions call out for it to be diluted with water. This is an important step. 

Also, you must pay attention to the exact time that you are told to leave the shampoo on your dog. If you are using our recommended products, no dilution is necessary - You do, however, want the product to remain on the coat for 3 to 5 minutes - this is your time to scrub the coat well and to make sure all areas are cleaned (don't forget the belly, paws, etc.) 

The Importance of Rinsing

The right grooming product can bring about amazing results, however please be sure to rinse out all shampoo residue! When you think you have rinsed enough, do it one more time, thoroughly!
Allow the shampoo to do its job and then rinse it away. Any residue that remains will cake up on the skin (trapped beneath the coat) can cause issues to the skin. 

In addition, before adding the product we the coat thoroughly”, this means to wet the coat ALL over…Not just the sides, don’t avoid the dog's paws… wet the entire coat. It is important to allow the shampoo to be spread evenly over the Poodle's coat.

For a Great Finish

No matter what Poodle shampoo you use, applying a luster spray will keep static away and give the coat a wonderful finishing shine.
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