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Home Cooking Food for Poodles

Overview of the Healthy Home Cooking Book

When owners are considering home cooking for a Poodle this is either in response to the puppy or dog not doing well with manufactured brands or to preemptively avert issues that are often seen when a dog ingests commercial food products. 

With many brands packed with chemicals (coloring, flavoring & preservatives) and plumped up with low-quality ingredients (meat by-products and cheap grains), it is a good idea to at least consider making homemade recipes. 

Let's take a look at the main elements to consider when weighing commercial kibble to homemade food & what is offered in this home cooking book:
home cooking for Poodle book
Vet Recommended mean very little:  Did you know that any commercial dog food can have the label of "Recommended by Veterinarians" if only 1 vet recommends it?  This literally means that only one vet out of every vet in the country.  For this reason, owners should ignore this meaningless food label. 

Fillers:  While there are many downsides to commercial food products, perhaps the worst one is the fillers added to the foods.  One of the main differences between high quality and low quality manufactured dog food is the amount of fillers that are added to them.  Fillers are empty, useless ingredients which "plump" up the contents and cause your Poodle to feel full...when in fact he is ingesting worthless elements which contain zero nutrients! These pass through the body quickly since there is nothing to be absorbed...and this leads us to the next element...

Low quality food can cause behavioral Issues:  While there are other possible causes, one of the #1 reasons why a dog eats his own feces or that of another animal or ingests grass when outside can be directly related to the dog's diet. When a dog's food is lacking nutrients, the dog  will seek these out elsewhere... and since dogs have limited choices, this often leads to Copraphagia or ingestion of outside elements such as grass. 

Many Poodles are allergic to elements found in commercial food:  This is true for Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles. Chemicals such as artificial flavoring, color enhancement additives and preservatives can cause upset stomachs, vomiting, diarrhea, and external symptoms such as dry skin and a dull coat. Many cases can be severe.  However, by following proper home cooking methods you can ensure that your Poodle is receiving the nutrients he/she needs, while at the same time eliminating the elements that cause allergic reaction or intolerance. 

Wheat: For those who already know that a Poodle is allergic to wheat grains, you can make delicious wheat-free home cooked meals for your Poodle with the recipes outlined in the Health Home Cooking for the Poodle book.

Marketing Schemes can be overwhelming:  Puppy food, adult food, senior food, pregnancy food...When you home cook for your Poodle you do not need to worry about the age of your dog.  These recipes fit any Poodle of any age and any size.

Raw Food Diets:  Evolutionary biologists have traced canines all the way back to 4 specific wolves - this is quite amazing!  Having originated from wild animals, our domesticated canine family members still have the instinct to eat raw meat. For those who wish to see if their Poodle enjoys a raw food diet, you will have recipes for this as well.

Tummy Trouble Times: There will be times when your Poodle is feeling down, perhaps recovering from a treatment or just having an "off day" with an upset stomach. For those times, read the recipes for "Upset Tummy Food".

You can save both time and money by home cooking:  In today's times, we must be very careful with our budget...and most of us do not have lots of extra time for extra cooking. Home cooking saves you $100's of dollars each year....and these recipes can be frozen so that one easy-to-cook meal can last for weeks.

Being a responsible owner:  Our dogs trust us to keep them safe and healthy and will eat just about anything we place down.  When you offer only healthy, wholesome ingredients that your Poodle enjoys eating, you can leave the worry behind regarding fillers, chemicals and low-quality nasty foodstuff. You can know that the only elements your dog is ingesting are healthy, nutritious and ingredients that your dog's body actually needs.

In Healthy Home Cooking for the Poodle, you will have recipes for:
  • 9 Biscuits - Perfect as a side dish, a reward treat or a healthy snack in between meals
  • 8 Healthy Snacks, great any time, but perfect for those occasions when you have company over...why not allow your Poodle to enjoy a special food too?
  • 5 Teething snacks to ease a Poodle puppy's discomfort while enjoying something yummy
  • 2 Vegetarian meals - To mix things up a bit and offer some diversity to your dog's dinners
  • 4 Hamburg based meals - Perfect in today's economy and so easy to make while you prepare your own dinner
  • 3 Chicken based meals - For excellent health and easy cooking, as many of you already will be cooking chicken for yourselves
  • 3 Fish meals - A great way to provide choices for your Poodle and particularly perfect for the "finicky eater"
  • 4 Lamb based meals - Wonderful recipes your dog will thank you for
  • 2 Liver based recipes - For the flavor Poodles can't resist
  • 3 Italian meals - Should we be the only ones to enjoy a little taste of Italy? Your Poodle deserves it too.
  • A perfect Raw Food recipe for the Poodle, remember this is for Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles
  • # 1 Recommend Meal for Optimal Health, real wholesome food
  • 5 Peanut Butter based meals for the Poodle - These are perfect for those that are teething or have chewing issues. This is because peanut butter is healthy and keeps a pup's mouth busy...and that means he won't be chewing on your shoes or dangerous objects
  • 8 desserts - For holidays, special occasions or just to show your Poodle that you care enough to provide dessert
  • A wonderful Poodle birthday cake recipe, to celebrate their special day
  • 2 Breakfast recipes - Dogs love to eat a different food for breakfast, just as we do.
  • 3 Wheat-Free treats and meals - For those dogs who are allergic to the #1 most common ingredient: wheat
  • 2 recipes for "Upset Tummy" for those times that your Poodle needs your help keeping down food or recovering from an illness
  • An 'easy bland' recipe for when a Poodle has allergies with directions for adding in ingredients to find the culprit.
Healthy Home Cooking for the Poodle

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